7 Common Situations When You Need a Marketing Writer

Written by Dani Knezevic

December 30, 2022

Do you ever wonder about who hires a marketing writer and why? There are certain situations that often result in my being hired as a marketing writer.  It could be that a company is temporarily short-staffed in their marketing department, and they need a hand to reach a specific milestone. Perhaps a marketing strategy meeting recently occurred, and a specific project is on the horizon. Whatever the case, there are seven common situations that lead to companies looking for a referral to an experienced marketing content writer. 

You are re-doing or building a website 

When companies are involved in revamping or building a new website, they usually focus on the site structure, functionalities and all the latest bells and whistles. Unfortunately, they are often so focused on the structure that forget about what will appear on these web pages once they are created. This is especially true for companies building a website for the first time. Web agencies may not have in-house personnel who can create content. Often the realization that content is missing only happens late in the process, and when the budget has been depleted. A copywriter should be involved at the start of a web project. 

You are launching a new product or service
Recent global events have caused many companies to pivot and launch new services and products. This often requires new marketing material to introduce the features and benefits to your target audience. From educational blogs to case studies, marketing content can help you attract more prospects and nurture them until they become customers. You always want to make a great first (or second) impression so these materials must be carefully created using professionals such as copywriters and graphic designers.  

You want to launch a blog to show you’re a thought leader

Launching a blog is a great way to improve your SEO results but it is also an excellent tool for educating your audience and presenting your company as credible and a thought leader. If you’re an expert and no one knows it, your expertise is wasted. Blogs are appreciated by the public because they are an excellent source of information that is presented in a casual and easy-to-understand manner. Good blogs should inform but should never be salesy. Hitting the right balance is an art and a good copywriter can do that. 

You want to get on the video bandwagon

Video is still one of the more popular forms of marketing content and according to Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video. Companies will focus on finding a great videographer to help produce videos, but you still need a content writer. If there is a voiceover, the script needs to be developed and it needs to be concise and punchy, and you need the script to convince people to act. If there is text on screen, you need to pick the right words that will support the visuals. Knowing how much text to use and how long to leave it on the screen can be tricky. 

Your content is stale

You may have spent a lot of time and effort producing your marketing materials years ago but even the best materials get stale. Depending on your industry, innovations may have come up that need to be included in your marketing efforts. Nothing is a bigger turnoff for prospects than realizing the marketing material is out of date, out of touch or simply no longer relevant. Polish up your content and you will also reap the benefits of increased engagement and better SEO results. 

You have really happy customers

Your audience is wary and much less susceptible to sales pitches. This is why case studies are so effective. A well-written case study tells a compelling story of how your product or service helped a customer achieve their goals. People are programmed to remember stories and a case study will capture your prospect’s attention because they can recognize themselves in the story. The results described in the story can help convince them to act, making case studies an excellent way to close the deal. And if you can include quantifiable data, your claims will carry more weight. 

You want to stay in touch with customers and nurture prospects

One of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch and nurture prospects is through email marketing. With a single click, you can reach your audience and offer them information, special discounts and more. The challenge is to stand out in a sea of emails and not get deleted or ignored. Crafting the perfect subject line and following up that with information the recipient needs and wants is a job for a professional. 

Do you recognize yourself in any of the above? These situations are the most common but definitely not the only reasons you would need to hire a marketing copywriter. Whatever your situation, why not focus on the things you enjoy doing and leave the writing to a professional. Let’s have a chat and see how I can help you achieve your goals. 

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